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An example for you all!

>Have to work with some people from another division at work for some project
>Have to work together all day long, for a two months
>Never met them (big company)
>All older guys, all in there 30-40’s, except there was one girl about my age, but a bit on the chubby side
>Get to know them all
>Girl likes me
>One day, she takes me apart from our group when we’re having lunch
>Noticed she was nervous as fuck
>She asked me: “Hey… anon.. I was thinking about losing weight and I was.. well, wondering if you could.. help me out along the way? Since you know stuff like this”
>Well, why the fuck not I thought by myself
>She goes to the gym with me two times a week and goes jogging two times a week
>tfw a year later she looks stunning
>tfw she stayed motivated enough to continue
>mfw I created my own goddes

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A note for fat people

> be 300 lbs. 
> be eating SAD (standard american diet)
> have health scare
> go primal and start walking everywhere.
> sell car, buy very nice bicycle and bike trailer.

One year later:
> be 165. Best shape of my life ever. Run marathon this year with no special training in 2:35 after having run 12 miles from my house to the starting line.
> walk and ride my bike everywhere. Lift heavy stuff I find laying on ground around the lake and bike trails I walk. Spend zero time in gym.
>realize the 120 some-odd pound rock I carry around the bike trail for a work out still doesn’t add up to my original weight.

Order a New York strip steak with steamed veggie side, side salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar only as the dressing when I go out to eat with friends last week. Waitress knows me and brings a large pad of butter which I slather over my veggies and steak.

Fat cow which pretends to be a human scoffs “I hate how he can eat like that and not gain any weight! it’s disgusting”

I can’t take it any longer. “Well maybe if you got off your fat ass and walked more than the thirty feet from the handicap spot to the motor chair at the store, and walked around the block instead of watching your stupid television. you wouldn’t be such a fat piece of shit tub of lard. Maybe if you shut your gaping fucking hole for once and stopped shoving food down your massive gullet you wouldn’t have a ‘weight problem’”

"It’s genetics"

"FUCK genetics. I used to make the same excuses as you. Guess what. You’re just lazy. LAZY. fucking L fucking A fucking Z fucking Y. FUCKING LAZY"

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>some presents for the family from an aunt
>family looking at presents, mostly clothes
>my mom sees huge shorts
>mon yells, wtf, look at this shorts, they huge
>They look like a blanket lol
>Who the fuck is going to use that lol
>my fat ass whale female cousin says they mine
>everyone silent
>my mom feels ashamed
>mfw that bitch got what she deserved for being fat
>she’s always complaining that she’s fat, be she eats like a cow

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Stupid mom

>Parents are fatasfatass, eat nothing but junkfood and never exercise
>Eating oats for breakfast in family kitchen
>Mother walks in, wearing sweats as always because it’s one of the only things that fit her
>She puts two meat pies in the microwave (part of her disgusting breakfast)
>Thinks that nutrition is a lie made up to sell certain foods and people are just naturally fat
>Sees what I’m eating “Oh anon, eating healthy food I see” she laughs
>I take the bait “You don’t even know what healthy means”
>She starts up a fatty rant about how I’m being fooled by the fitness industry into eating expensive food while she enjoys her life eating ‘good’ food
>Talks about how she’s going to outlive me because I exercise too much and that’s somehow bad for my body
>She takes her meat pies and eats them in front of the tv. She returns to the kitchen to heat up more before I’m even finished eating. 

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Every week I see the same skinny, pretty girl complaining about how ugly and fat she is. Then when everyone tells her that she’s gorgeous and thin she laughs like she just wanted the compliment. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially about themselves, but listening to a thin, pretty girl talk about how ugly and fat she is only makes me feel worse.

Then start to get fit you whiner! /fit/ can help you

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